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iNvert back to Raiding!

Fiddletiddle / Feb 21, 2013
iNvert is making a comeback in 5.2! Looking for heroic minded players to help us push heroic progression in 5.2 to the maximum!
All classes are currently available as this will be a fresh raid team, you're application will be judged upon your successes throughout WoW, especially focusing on 5.0/5.1.
I urge everyone to take there applications seriously, as is is our first impressions of you as a player and will be the main thing we get to judge you on.

So, if you want to raid heroic in 5.2, feel your current guild may be holding your potential back, or just want a new home as a social, then iNvert is the place for you!

(Social spots to not have to make an app - /w Infirmo/Fiddletiddle/Ludicium for inv


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