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Submitted on: Feb 21, 2013 at 07:23 PM
Name, age and location?

Malin, 24, Sweden

Race and Class
Draenei Shaman
Any notable alts?

Nöjesparken, draenei priest

Raid days will be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20:00 - 23:30. Which can you attend?

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Professions at 600

Enchanting, Engineering

What is your Main Spec and Off-Spec. Please describe why you have chosen specific talents in these specs.

Ms enhance, os resto. Those talents are pretty basic talents as enhance, but for certain fights, for example when burst dps is needed i can swap to elemental mastery and primal elementalist.

What is your history in World of Warcraft?

I started playing at the end of wotlk, did mostly pvp at a casual level then, and started raiding on my priest early cata and was very proud then to kill Magmaw... Went onto a real raiding guild and stayed there for most part of cata, got 5/6 hc in FL until that team disbanded and i went onto my current guild.

Why should we choose you?

I am a lovely person and a good raider^^ I'm dedicated, stubborn and reliable.

What do you expect from iNvert?

A friendly, fun enviroment that gets progression done

Previous guilds, why did you leave them or stop raiding with them?

The first one did not have a raiding spot with me, the two after that disbanded.

We will be using mumble as a voice communication. Do you have a working microphone which you are not afraid to use?


Armory link + Any World of logs data. (Dont have many decent logs for this character since I just swapped)

Anything else you would like to add...



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