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Submitted on: Feb 25, 2013 at 04:26 PM
Name, age and location?

Mikkel, 20, Denmark

Race and Class
Human Warlock
Any notable alts?


Raid days will be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20:00 - 23:30. Which can you attend?

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Professions at 600

Tailoring, Enchanting

What is your Main Spec and Off-Spec.

Main Spec: Affliction, Off-Spec: Destruction

What is your history in World of Warcraft?

I started playing in Wrath of the Lich King. First i leveled my warlock, so it has been my main ever since i started really. The first guild worth mentioning is eXplicit, which was a 25 man raiding guild focused on Heroic Progessing. I was in that guild as a raider. But from there, it went uphill. eXplicit stopped raiding as they where split up in the roster. So i found i different guild to raid in cataclysm. I was also a Heroic raider in the end of Cataclysm.

Why should we choose you?

Well, you should choose me because im a calm raider who can think clearly in a stressful situation. Im not a "loud-mouth" on TS/Raidcall or whatever you use :) i only speak up if it is neccesary, and ofc on casual nights. i have a good sense of humor that i can bring to the guild.

What do you expect from iNvert?

I expect a close society of people with a good sense of humor and i expect that people dont talk about social stuff when we are raiding, im expecting people to concentrade during a progressing raid.

Previous guilds, why did you leave them or stop raiding with them?

I pretty much described my raiding history/guild history in the "What is your history in WoW?" Tab. And i dont think i have more to add :)

We will be using mumble as a voice communication. Do you have a working microphone which you are not afraid to use?

Yes i have a working microphone and i will ofcourse use it, if it is needed :)

Armory link + Any World of logs data.
Anything else you would like to add...



hmm, the last part seems to be bugged out.

"Anything else you would like to add?"

Since i am already a social in the guild, this is an application from Social to Raider :)
Hey mate, good app, however a couple things to pick up on.

Firstly, your gear and exp is obviously quite low. With the raid in 5.2 looking to be pretty gear dependant and there is no quick way to boost your gear like in cata patches then you will have to be running 16/16 every reset to boost your gear asap.

If you can get the gear and clear normals every week I will be willing to give you a trial as raider come 5.2, however with your current gear it just won't be viable right at this moment.
Yea, i just came back from a break from WoW :) trying to find groups for normals every week, and see if i can get my gear level much higher than it is, and as you said, it is quite low atm :) but im ofc trying as hard as i can to get the gear level i need :)
Just rejecting for now mate, but you are in the guild so just keep me up to date with your gear and let me know what your at come 5.2 release and will try to sort something out for you dude.


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