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Submitted on: Feb 27, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Name, age and location?

Henric 21 Sweden

Race and Class
Dwarf Death Knight
Any notable alts?


Raid days will be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20:00 - 23:30. Which can you attend?

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Professions at 600

Blacksmithing, Tailoring

What is your Main Spec and Off-Spec.

Mainspec Blood Offspec Frost

What is your history in World of Warcraft?

Wotlk 11/12 in Icc normal Bwd,Bot,Tot4w,FL,Ds Did them all Heroic and now i got 15/16 Normal in MoP

Why should we choose you?

Because I know my class well and I am understanding and learning and leading good if we be ineed of a Leader anytime

What do you expect from iNvert?

I whould Expect that we take Bosses down Quick and make a fast progress so we get ready to raid heroic.

Previous guilds, why did you leave them or stop raiding with them?

Because we wont get that good progress as i want to have with a guild. And i want to have fun to when i am raiding with guild and everyone need to have good gear and be focus all the time.

We will be using mumble as a voice communication. Do you have a working microphone which you are not afraid to use?

I got Working mic and i am not afraid to use and talk

Anything else you would like to add...

Hope you invite!



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