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Submitted on: Mar 02, 2013 at 01:23 PM
Name, age and location?

Uras - 22 - Dubai

Race and Class
Pandaren Shaman
Any notable alts?

well I actually started back with this one about 3 weeks ago

Raid days will be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20:00 - 23:30. Which can you attend?

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Professions at 600

Jewel-crafting, Inscription

What is your Main Spec and Off-Spec.

Elemental - Resto

What is your history in World of Warcraft?

Vanilla - Cleared / TBC - Until Mu'uru and guild Disband / WOTLK - Cleared / Cataclysm - I wasn't playing

Why should we choose you?

I am an experienced and dedicated player, well informed not only about the class I play but many others (since I've cleared contents literally with all the classes)

What do you expect from iNvert?

Chance for a Raid Spot / Dedicated Players / Social and Chill Attitude / No hormonal bullshit that leads to conflict

Previous guilds, why did you leave them or stop raiding with them?

Well My first guild was the only one that was attuned for Naxx and was the only one that could clear it (both for horde and alliance) It disbanded with TBC. My second guild went as far as clearing the content but for personal reasons had to disband (related to the officers) My third guild we cleared the content but than I had to leave (Work - School - Stuff) and now that I've got my shit together Im back and willing.

We will be using mumble as a voice communication. Do you have a working microphone which you are not afraid to use?

Ofcourse , I have spare for each one I intend to break

Armory link + Any World of logs data.
Anything else you would like to add...

Well I am an expat working in Dubai - Saudi, so besides the desert and a starvation for water, I aint got much going on in my life so you can expect %110 attendance from my side.


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Your gear and exp are way behind what is necessary unfortunately mate, and also we currently have a stable elemental shaman so we don't really require the class at all.

Good luck in finding a guild that suits you!

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